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Business Field

JSOL's strengths

We lead your business to success by merging our high competence in ICT strategy formation through meticulous consulting, advanced technology produced by steadfast human resources, leadership management that ensures success in projects, and outsourcing strategies that optimize management resources.

JSOL's strengths


As the environment surrounding companies becomes more and more complex, strategic use of ICT will be the key to success in implementing management strategies and further developing growth.
JSOL consulting consists of consultants with experience in a broad array of fields covering finance, public services, and industry, who respond to your confidence by becoming your ICT strategy partner from the viewpoint of both business and technology.


ICT expansion and systemization is very complex -- the current amazing technological revolutions in the ICT sphere and the increased advancement and complexity of the infrastructure technology for supporting that sphere have both increased our options and made decisions more difficult.
JSOL's Infrastructure Technology Assistants (ITA) do not become caught up in popular terms such as SaaS, Cloud, and SOA, but rather take on an approach from technical evidence, considering which methods are proven to be the best and what type of business to work towards. They are our elite troops who hold the key to success in many JSOL projects.

Project management

As the scale of information systems implemented and built grows, strategic positioning becomes more significant, and the difficulty and importance of project management becomes amplified. Project management as considered by JSOL consists not only of controlling/achieving quality, delivery period, and cost risks according to initial plans, but is also a process that involves sharing a sense of purpose with our client regarding the project, and producing a sense of oneness among all players to create value that satisfies our client.
JSOL leads your project to success using know-how based on our various experiences.


Now, ICT organization cannot be established in companies without the effective use of outside vendors. It is not an exaggeration to say that clearly defining functions to be carried out by the company (insourcing) and functions to be delegated to outside vendors (outsourcing) holds the key to success of that company.
From overall system management including networks and remote monitoring and operating equipment, we help you achieve optimization of management resources by responding to each of your requests for outsourced vendors to take on service level management, system life cycle support, ASP utilization of special functions, company support consulting, and other business activities.

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