Detect changes in business conditions of business partners faster and make earlier proposals

We have jointly developed with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation a system that uses AI technology to analyze dynamic data such as account information of business partners to detect changes in their business conditions in a timely manner. By providing this system as a cloud-based service, financial institutions can make their credit management operations more sophisticated.


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Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • It is difficult to notice when business conditions change for a business until you confirm the financial statements

  • There are many deposits and withdrawals, making it difficult to check manually

JSOL Values

  • Timely detection and High accuracy (when trialed at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
    ・Changes in business conditions can be detected 3 to 15 months earlier than when checks are performed using financial statements
    ・Approximately 10 points more accurate than analysis based on conventional financial information

  • Using NTT Data's secure cloud environment, we provide a model trained on data owned by Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation of companies of various industries and sizes

  • Visualize movements in account information
    ・Visualizes account information in time series graph, so it's easy to analyze and monitor.

Service Description

Benefits of Use (Examples)

  • Strengthen relations with business partners
    ・Because changes in the business conditions of the business partners are more likely to be detected, it allows discussions with business partners to be held earlier. Through this, value can be added by proactively proposing business support and improvement.

  • Improving the efficiency of credit management operations
    ・In today's world, as the number of companies dealt with by one person is increasing, this service can help prioritize and reduce the workload

Service provision method

(*1) Highly trusted and secure ANSER® platform used by most financial institutions in Japan.
(*2) Uses a model pre-trained in Mitsui Sumitomo Bank.
(*3) AI learning platform periodically updates the trained AI model.
(*4) Anser IP is a secure IP-VPN line provided by NTT DATA. It is also possible to use the existing NW (eBNW) with ANSER center.

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