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Business forecasting is too slow

Although technology has sped up every part of our lives, the speed with which lenders evaluate corporate credit ratings has remained limited. If you want to rate a company, you either have to…

1: Wait for the annual financial statements to be released, which can be up to 15 months later than your clients needed help.
2: Hire enough of the right people that can monitor every single flag your outdated rule-based model detects. Oh, and let's hope they don't change departments, quit or get promoted.

JSOL partnered with a megabank in Japan to create a new way to rate and monitor the financial conditions of companies even before they release any financial statements.

Before you had to wait months after financial statements were released to detect changes in corporate client's business conditions, now you can monitor them whenever required!

Before your valuable human resources were spending time manually monitoring corporate clients, now they can approach your clients!

Before your systems and rules lacked accuracy and only raised a simple alarm, now you can accurately detect weaknesses on multiple negative trends!

With JSOL, financial institutions don't have to be reactive. They can be proactive.

Forecasting made faster than thought possible

In 2018, JSOL issued a joint press release announcing our AI based service that can detect changes in business conditions faster and this was also reported in Nihon Keizai Shinbun. *1&2

With JSOL's AI Detection Service, financial institutions can make proactive proposals for business support & improvements, putting them ahead of their competitors by more than one financial year.
Our service will use transaction data to realize changes in their partner's business condition and lenders will no longer have to wait for the annual statements to be released.
Our AI Detection Service allows financial institutions to grasp their customers' business conditions up to 15 months earlier than traditional methods.
Through AI, Graph Theory, and banking transactional data, JSOL's research team and innovative approach has created a service that help banks and other financial institutions gain an edge in forecasting the business conditions of their customers much earlier than their competitors.

JSOL has begun rolling this service out to other financial institutions in Japan and we're looking to partner with financial institutions overseas. We are constantly adding new features and value to this service for our customers. We constantly upgrade our model and planning a major update that expands our service's capabilities further in Fall 2019.


Details of the service

Business Field

Current Features
Monitors transaction data
Predicts future changes in business conditions
Fully analyses all transaction related variables
Detects patterns unlikely to be discovered by humans
Improves on set rules
Allows for efficient allocation of time and labor

Future Features*3
Detects inter-firm networks
Predicts affected business partners of underperforming companies
Predict growth/decline of businesses with higher precision

Business Field

Conceptual diagram of Interfirm Networks

*3 Ongoing Research with official release targeted for Fall 2019


If you are a financial institution or research organization interested in partnering with JSOL, please contact JSOL's Digital Innovation Business Unit members below.

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