Environmental Management

In order to incorporate environmentally-conscious management into our business and continuously perform environmental activities, JSOL established NTT DATA Group's integrated environment management framework to promote environmental activities.

Environmental Policies of the NTT DATA Group

We believe that, given the increasingly serious nature of global environmental problems, we must address these as management issues and work to resolve the environmental challenges facing the world and society.
The NTT DATA Group, which applies information technology to create new paradigms, contributes to environmental protection by providing systems and solutions that can replace or alleviate the need for actual movement of people and goods. At the same time, by recognizing the major impact of business activities on the environment, we are promoting ongoing and planned approaches to environmental protection, so as to realize a society that is in better harmony with the earth even as it enjoys the abundance of modern life.

  1. Environmental considerations in conducting business
    The NTT DATA Group is working to lessen the environmental impact of our business activities, setting quantitative goals and targets to the extent possible, and reviewing these periodically as part of an on-going betterment program.

    • We are promoting environmentally responsible system development.

    • We are actively carrying out green purchasing.

    • We are working to prevent pollution and limit resource use, by implementing policies for saving resources and energy, promoting reuse and recycling, and reducing waste.

  2. Meeting legal obligations
    In carrying out business activities, we observe all applicable environment-related laws and other agreements and obligations.

  3. Raising awareness
    Through environmental education and environmental and social contribution activities for our employees and partners, we are enhancing and boosting recognition of environmental awareness activities.

  4. Promoting communications
    We work proactively to promote environmental communications to stakeholders both within and outside the NTT DATA Group.

ISO14001 certification

The Japan Research Institute, the forerunner of JSOL was certified and registered for ISO14001 in 2000 which is international family of standards related to environmental management. In October 2013, JSOL joined NTT Data's group integrated certification and the Tokyo Head Office has acquired the certificate.

ISO14001 certification mark

Explicit Member Organization Certification

Environmental Activities through Business

Reduction of environmental load with IT solution

Although IT solutions generate electric power consumption, they also provide beneficial energy-saving and material-saving effects as a result of its reducing materials and energy consumption as well as reducing the movements of people and goods. JSOL endeavors to reduce the environmental loads in all of society by providing IT solutions.

An image of the effect of reducing the burden on the environment (example)

An image of the effect of reducing the burden on the environment (example)
(Source: NTT DATA)

JSOL’s green IT solutions

NTT DATA Group refers to IT solutions that contribute to reducing the burden on the environment of all society as a “green IT solution”. The following are some examples of such solutions offered by JSOL.

Environmental Activities in the Office

In addition to ongoing in-house efforts to annually cut down on the wasteful use of energy, photocopying paper and other resources, JSOL engages in activities to promote the protection of the environment by ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations, including the Waste Disposal Act, the Act on the Rational Use of Energy, and the Act on Rational Use and the Appropriate Management of Fluorocarbons.

Example of activities to promote environmental conservation

  • Desktop PC ⇒ Notebook PC ⇒ Thin client to save power consumption

  • A free-seating office to reduce individual’s paper materials management

  • Installing a projector in all conference rooms to share information on the screen for paperless meetings

  • Introducing communication tools such as OfficeView in the office and conference call and videoconferencing facilities in all conference rooms to reduce inter-office business travels

  • Replacing printers and similar equipment with a smaller number of multifunction peripherals

  • Making wireless LAN available office-wide

  • Shifting completely to electronic internal procedures

  • Reducing long-hour working, increasing remote work and using shared offices

  • Cleaning around the office (such as the Clean Day of Chuo-ku, Tokyo and Osaka marathon cleanup operation)

  • Using an electronic manifest in industrial waste disposal

  • Donating unnecessary food to a food bank group when renewing the food stock


Change in electric power consumption in the entire JSOL

Change in copying paper purchase amount in the entire JSOL