About Us

JSOL Corporation is a group company of NTT DATA and The Japan Research Institute.
By matching the advanced technology and business know-how developed during our days as The Japan Research Institute in a broad array of fields from finance and public services to production with the all-encompassing power of the NTT DATA Group, JSOL is able to provide solutions that further increase mobility and expertise.
Each and every member of the Company is an outstanding expert and JSOL has become a ICT service coordinator, offering high-quality ICT services.

About Us

Our Strengths and Business Areas

We constantly look forward to changes and new challenges and are committed to becoming a company that supports our customers' business and contributes to society. JSOL provides a variety of solutions in a wide spectrum of business categories and industries.

Number of business partners and continuation rate of partnerships in 2019

We are committed to meeting requirements of customers in a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from manufacturing, distribution and services, to financial and public sector organizations. One of the strengths of JSOL is that we are continuously growing together with our customers.

Number of information system qualification examinations and number of JSOL certified professionals

Each and every employee strives as an IT professional to improve their technical abilities and has gained a high level of expertise.

These are the results of the survey on employee attitudes conducted by Great Place to Work® Institute Japan. JSOL respects the autonomy, creativity and cooperation of our staff and strives to create an environment to foster these traits.


JSOL Story Part 1

JSOL Story Part 1 (Japanese Only)
This movie introduces JSOL's initiatives to provide support for customer’s business through ICT and to benefit society. (Shot in March 2017)

JSOL Story Part 2

JSOL Story Part 2 (Japanese Only)
This movie introduces JSOL's PROFESSIONALISM, which is very germane to becoming an invaluable asset to our customers and an outstanding leader in our industry and field of expertise. (Shot in March 2018)

JSOL Story Part 3

JSOL Story Part 3 (Japanese Only)
This movie introduces some of the activities borne from the initiatives of our autonomous and challenge-driven team of employees. (Shot in February 2020)

Brand Message and Brand Promise

We introduce you to our brand message, brand promise and corporate symbol (ring) that represent the message from JSOL toward our future that we will constantly create new solutions to potential issues facing customers and society.

Creating Innovative Solutions Evolving Amid Change- JSOL ICT Service Coordinator