Aiming to be a company worthy of trust and confidence

Intensifying competition and the increasingly sharp division between winners and losers in the market, means that, for our customers, maintaining a competitive edge and continuing to grow depends on the ability to invest strategically and selectively, and the continual revision of cost structures.

The use of the information technology we are in the business of supplying is also playing an increasingly important role in business management, and constant technical innovation means it is important to be able at all times to select the best of among many options.

If JSOL is to earn further trust from its customers under these conditions, I believe it is vital that we should be able to advise them on ICT issues from a broad perspective, and offer them a high quality service.

Since the days when it was a division of The Japan Research Institute, Limited, JSOL has aimed to offer the best possible ICT solutions to customers in the manufacturing, distribution & services, finance and public utilities sectors, and has built up a strong track record in the provision of a comprehensive service covering everything from ICT consulting to system building and operation.

Since entering into a business and capital tie-up with NTT Data in January 2009, we have also broadened the range of services we are able to offer customers, and are confident that we can make a major contribution to our customers' business as a total service provider in the field of ICT.

We continue to put maintaining our customers' trust first, and each and every one of our employees continues to build and refine their specialist skills with a view to ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

The directors and employees of JSOL look forward to your continued support and encouragement as we strive to support you in transforming and growing your business.

President Masatoshi Maekawa