JSOL’s Strengths

Our strength is “people”.
We are a group of professionals leading our customers toward success in their business and creating value for their future.

We have established a true partnership with our customers.

Number of partners in FY2018:1,255

We are able to meet requirements of customers in a wide spectrum of businesses ranging from manufacturing, distribution and services, to financial and public sector organizations. JSOL's strength lies in our ability to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, including ICT consulting, system planning, construction, and operation. In FY 2018, JSOL has become a trusted partner of 1,255 companies, including major Japanese corporations, with whom we are working to support their growth.

Partnership persistence rate: 82%

JSOL provides customer-oriented ICT solutions through optimal selection and combination of methods and technologies. By positioning ourselves as a “true partner” that works together with customers to promote management goals, JSOL has earned the trust of countless customers. Our ability to continuously build relationships beyond single projects and achieve sustainable growth together with our customers is one of our strengths and points of pride.

*82%: It is the percentage of the customers that make up the top 50 companies in JSOL's sales in FY2018 with which JSOL has been doing business for over three years.

Total sales of transactions with top 10 partner companies: About 4.2 trillion yen

In FY 2018, we achieved total sales of approximately 4.2 trillion yen through business with our top 10 partner companies. In addition to this tremendous volume, JSOL is constantly providing our customers with support for their business growth through our ICT solutions. JSOL also takes pride in playing a role in economic development by working alongside customers from diverse business fields, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturers, securities companies and real estate companies.

We are a group of qualified professionals.

Number of qualifications acquired through information system-related qualifying examinations: 2,755

To keep our position as a partner trusted by our customers, we believe that high-level expertise of ICT is the essential core competence. JSOL is therefore actively encouraging our employees to acquire information system qualifications to obtain skills that are universally recognized inside and outside the company. Each and every employee strives to improve their ability as a professional of diversified technologies and has obtained a high level of expertise.

*Information system qualification: Collectively refers to the examination of data-processing technician and other qualifying examinations certified by various vendors. The figure 2,755 is for FY 2018.

Number of professionals certified by JSOL: 26

JSOL has its own certification system called “Professional Function” which is operated company-wide to evaluate employees’ ICT skill levels and quality. In this “Professional Function” system, we certify those staff members equipped with top-class expertise appreciated in and outside the company, who are actively contributing to customer’s business and truly trusted by customers. As of FY 2019, 26 employees have already been certified in this system.

Number of awards granted by our partners: 13

JSOL has received the “SAP AWARD OF EXCELLENCE” 19 times in recognition of its accomplishments as a SAP partner. In addition, we received other awards including a “Project Award” from Shiseido for the project of establishing a new enterprise system, and an “Excellent Partner's Award” from NTT DATA Bizintegral Corporation as the best partner. JSOL has thus been highly evaluated and is deeply trusted by our customers.

* Accumulated figure for three years from 2017 to 2020.

JSOL is proud of being “the workplace where employees can grow and take on challenges”.

2020 "Great Place to Work" ranking: Ranked 9th

In the 2020 "Great Place to Work" ranking in Japan hosted by Great Place to Work® Institute Japan, JSOL ranked 9th for best company in the large size category (1,000 employees or over). While respecting the autonomy, creativity and cooperation of our staff and working to create a workplace environment in which our staff can rise to their full potential in serving customers, we aim to ultimately become a company trusted by society.

*Great Place to Work® Institute: A specialized organization engaged in surveys, evaluations and support in relation to “Great Place to Work” that conducts one of the largest-scale surveys around the world on employee attitude.

Average number of paid holidays taken in FY2018: 18.7

JSOL believes that realizing a work-life balance as employees desire is an effective way to enhance the quality of work. It allows employees “to design their working style for themselves” including activities outside of work such as improving their skills and refreshing themselves. Our effort of encouraging our staff to take paid holidays in FY 2018 was one of the important elements for JSOL to maintain its position as a “true partner” for customers.

Number of activities to promote innovation in FY2019: 23

We operate innovation promotion activities on a monthly basis in which we discuss our management and business issues. In FY 2019, we held a total of 23 meetings and seminars. Furthermore, we have established “social design and business laboratory” in cooperation with Rikkyo University Graduate School of Social Design Studies and we aim to solve social issues and create new businesses through JSOL’s own innovation framework, “Inobeba”.

* Inobeba: Discussion technique using “Inobeba method” that is unique to JSOL based on the arrangement of various methodologies in relation to innovation.

JSOL’s Business Area

Customer’s business field

JSOL's business scope widely ranges from manufacturing, distribution and services, to financial and public sector organizations. Based on our cutting-edge ICT technology and outstanding of business know-how, we precisely understand the issue specific to each customer and guide them towards success in their business, and thereby pave the way to a new era. This customer-oriented business policy of ours underlies the growth of JSOL's business.

Business area

ICT life cycle and JSOL’s role

JSOL provides a comprehensive suite of solution from ICT consulting to proposals, and system construction and operation. After system construction, we are committed to demonstrate our true partnership to create business in collaboration with customers by making proposals of initiatives for the next stage of business growth or business deployment while continuing close communications with customers in the maintenance phase.

Supporting customer through our involvement in the whole process of providing ICT solutions

Business contribution area

JSOL provides customers with full support from “corporate ICT” focusing on the internal business operations to “business ICT” in which variety of data accumulated from doing business with clients and partners is utilized to promote growth or expansion of customers' businesses in the next stage. We are able to deal with advanced technologies such as DX and AI flexibly and precisely and we firmly maintain our business structure to work closely with customers starting from a system concept using ICT.

Business contribution area