Basic Policy of Sustainability

JSOL is committed to creating new values with customers and realizing a sustainable and enriched society by capitalizing on our outstanding technological strength and human power, while remaining committed to our mission outlined in the management principles, as well as our shared values, and code of conduct.

Important Themes

JSOL is working to solve social issues while executing the basic sustainability policy mentioned above focusing on the three themes of “society and local community,” “working people,” and “global environment,". We have also established a corporate governance system and we are in the process of establishing a sustainability management framework that will meet the expectations of society. Through the provision of ICT services and solutions, promotion of CSR activities, and business activities in line with those three important themes, JSOL will pursue a co-creation of activities that contributes to sustainable development together with society and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Implementation Organization

Under the President and CEO, the Corporate Planning Unit is responsible for the implementation of CSR/sustainability activities by arranging activities and developing awareness in the company. Activities on these important themes are specifically defined in the management plan as important issues and those activities are performed by each business unit in the course of their business.

Sustainability activities policy

Sustainability activities policy