We are waiting for the individuals who are ready to take on challenges to grow together with the company.

JSOL’s greatest asset is “people” because human resources are the source of the competitive advantage of our company. We believe that each and every employee who is equipped with strength of high market value, expertise in a specific field including abundant business knowledge and advanced technological strength can earn customer’s trust in various aspects and thereby contribute to the growth of our business as well as customer’s business.

For the purpose of increasing the market value of our employees, JSOL focuses our efforts on creating an environment in which our employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and on human resource development. We do hope that students choose JSOL as the place to enhance their own market value.

JSOL is also looking for individuals who have diverse abilities and personalities as we believe that the collaboration and team play of talented people with different abilities and characteristics will lead to great outcomes. We are waiting for applications from many individuals who have different backgrounds, abilities, talents and personalities.

President Masatoshi Maekawa