Using cutting edge data science to drive forward D-DX.

Big Data, AI and IoT are being used more and more in society. At JSOL, we promote Digital Transformation (DX) that uses such advanced technologies to create new value for our customers' business and differentiate us from the competition. We're focusing on D-DX as it allows us to use the power of data.


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Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • There are no data scientists.

  • We don't know how to use our data.

  • Our data scientists don't know how to use the latest methods.

JSOL Values

  • JSOL has experienced data scientists.

  • Our Staff are not just skilled and experienced in the field of data science, but can also provide consulting to customers to identify their problems and potential solutions. We also have the engineering know how to deploy constructed models

  • We collaborate with Academia from both domestic and overseas universities and research institutes, to conduct research on extracting the hidden structures of data using advanced mathematics, statistics, physics, and economics in addition to AI technology.

Service Description

This is JSOL's standard process for D-DX implementation. We fully support our customers during every phase.

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Idea Discovery DX Consulting

JSOL provides consulting services for customers who want to solve business issues and generate innovative ideas through DX. JSOL's consultants will run sessions for related parties and assist customers in uncovering key-issues and creating innovative ideas.

Idea Discovery DX Consulting

Data Assessment DX Consulting Service

JSOL provides this service for customers whose target issues and themes are clear. JSOL consultants work with customers on meeting such requirements as "We want to see how much we can do with our data" and "We want to collect data from now on". We will look at the actual data, assist you in assessing the feasibility of your targets and formulate a data collection policy for the future.

Data Assessment DX Consulting Service

Data analysis PoC support service

While entrusted with data from customers, JSOL's data scientists investigate leading-edge papers and use cutting edge analysis methods to implement appropriate analysis methods according to the analysis requirements of customers, and build AI models to analyze what is possible. A detailed report is created after the analysis has been performed from various viewpoints.

Data analysis PoC support service

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