JSOL's distributed learning environment that allows you to build AI without collecting data scattered from multiple locations in one place

As digitalization of various operations is advanced by advanced digital technology, the amount of data produced by each company is increasing exponentially.
We are learning AI from such data to improve work efficiency and create new business value.
On the other hand, in order to learn AI, data must be collected in one place.
However, data is scattered at multiple locations, data is accumulated across companies, and because it is sensitive information, it can be
Often, it's difficult to send data to a server, and it's difficult to aggregate data.
Therefore, JSOL independently develops and provides an AI distributed learning environment for building (learning) AI without aggregating data.


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Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • Although there is a large amount of data, it is difficult to aggregate the data because it is scattered at multiple locations.

  • Although there is data at each site, it is difficult to get the data out of each site because the security level of the data is high.

  • I do not want to share data with other companies because it is sensitive information, but I want to build AI with other companies.

  • It is difficult to send data to a cloud server outside the company because it is sensitive information.

JSOL Values

  • AI can be constructed (learned) with the data placed at each site.

  • Since data does not flow on the network connecting each site, AI can be constructed (learned) while maintaining the security level.

  • There is no need to share data with other companies on the network, and AI can be constructed (learned) in collaboration with other companies.

Service Description

AI Federated Learning environment is a cloud service provided by JSOL.
Each site connects to the the AI Federated Learning environment on the cloud and builds (learn) an AI Model.

The main features are as follows.

  • No need to send data outside of it's location.

  • Only the AI (parameter) is sent to the cloud server.

  • Seperate sites don't need to connect with each other. The cloud server of the AI distributed learning environment provided by JSOL is the only connection.

AI distributed learning image

AI distributed learning image

AI distributed learning environment Image diagram

In order to use the AI distributed learning environment, it is necessary to prepare the environment on the client side at each site.
As a client side environment, we will provide a dedicated machine with environment setup with each hardware.

AI distributed learning environment Service Delivery Method

AI distributed learning environment Service Delivery Method

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