Supporting innovation through two types of DX services based on industry-academia collaboration

There are two types of DX services based on industry-academia collaboration. One is a "matching" service that introduces the best data scientist suited to solving customer's problems. The other is a “joint research” service, which is a service to jointly create DX business from customer data by providing DX consultation and analysis environment.


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Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • I want to analyze our company's data using the latest technology of research institutions.

  • I want to use my own data to create a DX business.

  • I would like to collaborate with other companies to expand our DX business.

JSOL Values

  • Peace of mind due to the wealth of joint research experience with research institutions and universities.

  • Provide a secure and reliable data analysis environment.

  • Create DX business through consultation.

  • One stop for everything from research to system construction.

Service Description

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