Realize operational efficiency and cost reduction through unified information management and AI-driven advanced search functions

J-Insight® helps unified management of large amounts of information, including office documents, information shared with business partners and FAQs. It also allows you to "quickly reach the information you want" by using an advanced search function driven by AI. JSOL has developed this solution keeping in mind the current times, when productivity is heavily scrutinized and it is said that the time one wastes on searching information is not only a lost business opportunity but also a factor that reduces competitiveness.
J-Insight® is a cross-search system that allows you to search different types of content at the same time and quickly find the desired information by asking a question just once in natural language. With an AI that helps continuous improvement in accuracy, mechanisms that reduce operational load and a reliable security, this solution has a wide-range of applications. Starting from complex works like call center queries to searching from shared information systems within a company, this solution helps resolve problems and improve work efficiency. 


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Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • We can't find the information we're looking for, even though it should be available in the company.

  • The information we want is scattered in different places within the company and it's hard to reach it.

  • We can't search for the information because we can't remember the product name, key technology name, a component or some other technical term needed to answer an inquiry.

JSOL Values

  • We're received high praise from our customers as J-Insight® has allowed them to search and obtain the information they want quickly and efficiently.

  • We are not providing just a solution. Rather, leveraging our abundant development experience and research related to "search", we provide a service that meets our customer needs.

Service Description

Quick understanding (explanation with video)

Quick understanding (explanation with video)

How it's used

J-Insight® provides improved convenience and helps users solve problems on their own. As a result, a decreased number of inquiries are forwarded to the administrator. In addition, administrators can focus on how information can be utilized better, as they can analyze logs and other records to look for areas of improvement.
J-Insight® centrally manages the information shared within the company or with business partners. Not only the operations are simple, like a search engine, but you can also quickly search for the information you want using everyday language. You can also categorize and limit the search according to the work or the rights granted to a user.
Also, if an appropriate result is not found, the user can forward the query as it is to the department (or person) who should know the answer and the responder can answer via J-Insight®. This allows you to unify both the inquiry channel and also the accumulated know-how. 



  • Improved searchability
    Searching in natural language saves time and effort. For example, you can search the query text received via e-mail as it is.
    Also, features for keyword search and filtering and sorting of search results allows you more flexibility.

  • Learning that improve the accuracy of search
    You can teach the contents of the inquiry in real time and improve the search accuracy.
    In addition, it is possible to improve search accuracy through reinforcement learning/dictionary import.

  • Detailed information control
    Information can be controlled on the user side by combining reference control for each search content and reference control for each user.
    Since it complies with FISC security guidelines of financial institutions, you can use it with confidence.

  • Effective in reducing the number of inquiries through accumulation and utilization of inquiry information
    Can provide an analysis on the inquiries to reduce the burden of creating FAQs, which is often troublesome.
    Multi-faceted analysis is possible by utilizing BigQuery of Google™.

  • Pinpoint search by dividing files (Direct hit function)
    You can pinpoint the desired information even from huge documents.

  • Content registration function for frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    FAQ is very important and it is possible to build and manage FAQ contents online.

Types of data supported (example)

Types of data supported (example)

Our Track Record of Installations

Insurance Company A 


Making inquiry handling more efficient

Background and aim

Inquiries from agents are handled by the sales office, but the more difficult inquiries that the sales office cannot answer are answered by the head office. We needed to redesign the business flow to reduce the load caused by huge number of inquiries from sales office.

Feature highlights

Cross-search various file formats such as WEB pages, Excel, PDF, FAQs, regulations, manuals, etc.


Sales office

  • Reduced the time spent on investigating inquiries and improved productivity

  • Introduction of J-Insight improved the head office evaluation and satisfaction from sales offices

Head office

  • Since it is now possible to respond seamlessly on the J-Insight screen, the cost per response has been reduced.

  • Although the number of inquiries to the head office increased due to improvement in convenience, they are able to respond quickly and reliably.

  • This helped them gain the trust of the agency that made the inquiry.

Bank B 


Sophistication and efficiency of inquiry and response

Background and aim

The goal was to reduce the time spent on dealing with inquiries and reduce the number of inquiries forwarded to the head office. Inquiry handling involves finding the correct answer from a large number of manuals and regulations and responding to end user's requests with a high level of expertise. This requires a mechanism that can simultaneously search different types of content for one question, and quickly finds the correct answer from multiple search results.

Feature highlights

Cross-search function using natural language sentences
Function that assists FAQ creation by extracting FAQ candidates from inquiry records and search logs
Analysis function that helps improve search accuracy and build knowledge



  • Reduced manpower

  • Allowed users to work on new areas that they did not have time for before

Headquarters (department where J-Insight was introduced)

  • New queries came up and it lead to re-vitalization of their entire business

  • Since a certain impact has been observed, they are considering expanding the scope of J-Insight

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