JSOL is an application service provider.We help clients to reduce work and cost required for SWIFT connection and solve related issues.


  • System operation maintenance
  • Indirect business


  • Finance


  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Outsourcing
  • System cooperation

Issues that JSOL can help you solve


  • Burden of managing SWIFT infrastructure

  • Lack of SWIFT experts

  • Unable to cope with constant changes of SWIFT

JSOL Values

  • Cost-efficiency

  • Reliability & Currency

  • Long History & Oversea Exposure

  • Added-value Customer Services

Service Description

SWIFT Service Bureau

Dating back to November 2003, JSOL was the first SWIFT Service Bureau in Japan, and currently boasts over 70 users, making us the largest Service Bureau in Japan to date(based on JSOL research).
With our SWIFT connection servers placed in durable data centers, server and connection infrastructure backups at the ready, and separate disaster recovery systems in place, we are fullfilling our customers expectations that the SWIFT connection shall stay up and running.
In addition to the main SWIFTNet FIN Connection Service, we are offering the following optional services to support our customers business needs:

  • Sanctions Screening: Anti Money Laundering(AML) filtering service

  • Secure Payment: Anti Money Laundering(AML)real-time monitoring service

  • Customer Security Programme(CSP) Support Service

  • Exchange Confirmation Matching Service; for MT300 and MT320

JSOL Service Bureau brings out the following values:

  • Cost-efficiency
    Customer does not need to host their own systems.

  • Reliability & Currency
    With a Disaster Recovery site located more than 500km away from the Production Site we can provide our service even in the event of large unforeseen disasters.
    Furthermore, by utilizing the SAA(SWIFT Alliance Access) software provided by SWIFT, we can stay up to date with system changes implemented by SWIFT.

  • Long History & Oversea Exposure
    In addition to the largest customer base and over 15 years of experience in Japan , we are now expanding our business to Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.
    We have extensive experience working with various global system vendors, providing great opportunity for global collaboration.

  • Added-value customer services
    In response to the constant changing of SWIFT Compliance and Technical requirements , we are offering a variaty of additional services to support customers adapting these changes.

  • *

    SWIFT: Cooperative organisation founded in Belgium. An organisation working for standardisation in the financial sector, and supplier of a highly secure financial messaging service in use by over 11,000 financial institutions in over 200 countries(2016 data).

SWIFT Service Bureau

Our Track Record of Installations

Bank of Yokohama 


With solid security measures and a rich contingency plan in place, we are valued for both security, and for reducing the clients workload.

The Chugoku Bank Hong Kong Branch 


Putting a global BCP environment into practice

Securities institution 


Strengthened security
Increased efficiency by greatly reducing the time required to process received messages

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